Hemel Hempstead Hotels

There are many reasons why hemel hempstead hotels have to price their foods and drinks higher than other establishments.

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Opening a Hotel Requires Lots of Investment

Starting a hotel requires lots of investments. Even the owners who do not build it from scratch have to spend a considerable amount of money to buy a building for the hotel. This investment must be recouped over several years from the visiting guests. The accommodation service is just one component that helps recover this investment. The food and other services are other components that are used to recover the initial large investment. Additionally, the hotel owners have to start earning income and profit after paying back the loans and recovering the investment.

Operational Costs Are High

Hotels have to provide a wide range of services. It is not limited only to the accommodation service. They have to employ a large number of trained staff to serve the guests. The salaries and benefits paid to the employees, contract workers and suppliers must be recovered from somewhere. The hotel operators recover the money spent on these expenses from their guests. The food charges at hotels include not only the cost of foods but also a part of the costs involved in running the hotel.

A Variety of Foods on Offer

Hotels cannot stock only a fixed type of foods for their guests. Different guests order different types of breakfast meals. Hotels have to keep different types of food ingredients so they are ready to serve the meals that guests order. It requires a substantial investment in food ingredients and refrigeration systems.

Everything Cooked to Order

Hotels do not serve ready to eat meals. Everything is cooked to order as demanded by the guests. It means lots of ingredients must be kept ready in fresh and usable condition. Hotels incur expenses in refrigeration and other storage facilities that are used to keep the food ingredients in good condition. Additionally, they have to hire trained chefs and kitchen staff to cook the meals for their guests.

Room and Waitress Services

Most people staying in hotels expect room delivery of their breakfast. Some guests go to the hotel's restaurant to have their breakfast. In both conditions, the hotels need staff to serve meals to their guests. The owner has to pay salaries and benefits to these employees.

It is these investments and costs involved in establishing and operating the hotel that owners have to charge a higher fee for the breakfast. It makes the hotel breakfast an expensive proposition but it also means higher levels of comfort, benefits and luxury for the guests.